‘Justice Will Never be Justice for Me, Because My Child Is Gone’: Korryn Gaines’ Mother Speaks Out on the Anniversary of Her Daughter’s Killing

On Aug. 1, 2016 the Baltimore County police arrived at the home of Korryn Gaines to serve an arrest warrant for a traffic violation. Gaines was killed after a six-hour standoff and her, then 5-year-old, son Kodi was shot in the cheek.


At 23-years-old, Korryn Gaines sadly became one of the countless Black women who are killed by state sanctioned violence.

Approaching her daughter’s death anniversary, retired nurse Rhanda Dormeus, feels weary. “This time of year, I could feel my energy changing. More solemn, sad,” Dormeus says. “The feeling of dread, coming upon Aug. 1st.”


After several tumultuous years, life has become no easier for the family of Korryn Gaines. But, on a more hopeful note, an appeals court recently found that a judge wrongfully overturned a $38 million ruling to the family of Korryn Gaines. Dormeus says that this still isn’t enough. No amount of money will bring her daughter back.

“They couldn’t pay enough money to make me happy,” Dormeus says. “You already took the great love of my life, my baby away.”

A mother’s love in indescribable—watch Rhanda Dormeus tell the story of her beloved fallen daughter, Korryn Gaines.