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The Louisville Metro City Council passed a vote of no confidence Thursday night over Mayor Greg Fischer’s handling of the Breonna Taylor case.


CNN reports that the resolution passed by a vote of 22 to 4 and included a list of actions the mayor needed to take to “restore trust between the residents of Louisville Metro and its government and to ensure the safety and equality of all its residents.” Among the actions listed were advancing policies that would create social and racial equity, committing to full transparency within the government and conducting a full review of the Louisville Metro Police Department by year’s end.

Many members expressed dissatisfaction with the resolution, feeling it didn’t fully hold the mayor accountable. The original resolution, drafted by Republican members of the council, called for Fischer’s resignation because of his handling of the case. While the final resolution, amended by Democratic council member Markus Winkler, removed the call for Fischer’s resignation it did say further steps will be taken by the council should the mayor not take action.


“I would just say that I hope we take this as an opportunity to find a path forward,” Winkler said during the meeting. “I hope the administration sees it as an opportunity to work together to improve the lives for all of the residents of Louisville Metro.”

Fischer struck a similar tone in a video statement released following the vote where he expressed a desire to work alongside the council and the community to improve Louisville Metro. “We have enormous challenges ahead and to move forward, we need to pull together, and we must work together in both good times and tough times like these,” Fischer said. “Several of the policy ideas discussed by the council are under way and together we have already made changes in LMPD policies and procedures.”

In March, 26-year-old Taylor was shot and killed by police officers executing a botched no-knock warrant. While one officer involved in the shooting has been fired, none of the officers have been charged or arrested for her death and there has been much criticism over how long Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s investigation into the case has taken.

Earlier this week, Taylor’s family reached a multimillion dollar settlement in a wrongful death suit filed against the city of Louisville.

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