Protesters, police face off in downtown Minneapolis

Minneapolis police faced off with about 100 people gathered Thursday night outside the federal courthouse in downtown Minneapolis to protest the lack of charges in Breonna Taylor’s March shooting death by police in Louisville, Ky.

The demonstrators also addressed a number of other grievances, including Thursday morning’s clearing of a homeless encampment in Peavey Park, in south Minneapolis. The Minneapolis Park Board said the evictions occurred because of the growing size of the camp and its proximity to school property.

About an hour into their protest, the demonstrators set up a barricade outside the courthouse that police, who were not present until well into the demonstration, eventually removed. For a time, a line of police officers stood about 40 feet from a line of shouting protesters, but there was no physical violence.

As of 8:30 p.m., there had been no arrests, said Cyndi Barrington, spokeswoman for the Minneapolis Police Department.

The demonstrators blocked light rail tracks near the courthouse, delaying some trains and causing route changes, Metro Transit tweeted. At one point, they lit a small fire on the tracks.

Chants included, “No justice, no peace, kill all the police” and “Die, Donald Trump.”

Earlier in the evening, there was at least one heated confrontation between a protester and a motorist, a witness said.

As darkness settled, the group thinned out and moved away from the jail. They walked toward U.S. Bank Stadium about 9 p.m.

Protesters shouted at a Star Tribune photographer, telling him to stop taking photos and threatening to take cameras away. They chanted, “No more pictures,” as they walked.

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